February 22, 2024


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46 Best hamper 2024: Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries

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Is a hamper a good present?

A hamper is one of the best gifts you can give because it delivers maximum luxury while requiring relatively low effort on the part of the gifter. Of course, you could always put a hamper together yourself by collecting their favourite things in one neat little basket, or by selecting what you’d like from hamper brands that allow a more bespoke approach (such as in the Fortnum & Mason Create Your Own Hamper, or in Guzzl’s indie brand equivalent). Even without going to these lengths, a hamper will always be a much-appreciated present, and there are so many types and themes to choose from that it’s always going to look as though you put a lot of thought in — even if you didn’t.

Why do people make hampers?

Simply put: a hamper is one of the best examples of gifting on the market. Brands love them because they can offer their most popular products in one place, while those seeking a thoughtful present can keep their gifting compact but decadent. People often make hampers at home, too. Some may want to show their love by spending time hand-baking a giftee’s preferred goodies, while others will dutifully collect their loved one’s favourite things and assemble them in one place ready for a special occasion. What we love about a luxury hamper is that they pack all of that same thoughtfulness alongside the guarantee that the products your giftee receives are lavish and delicious… plus, they cut down on the time it takes to hand-assemble your own.

Why is a hamper called a hamper?

As with most English etymology, the origins of the word ‘hamper’ go back centuries, probably to the Middle Ages, when the Latin word hanaparium referred to a case containing a large goblet. We can only speculate as to the reason for the importance of said cup, but the term for the compartment that carried it soon went into use in Anglo-French as hanaper. There is speculation that the word ‘hamper’, in the sense that we know it now (a place to house fancy cheeses and wines), could also have descended from the verb to hampren, which refers to the act of surrounding, imprisoning, confining… or packing into a container. Every day is a school day here at GQ.


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